Anonymous asked: I sent u the link to the perfect control one shot the minute you posted it. Did u not get it?

Nope! I never got it!

Nov 02 - 5 months ago -
allycat319 asked: I know the perfect control one shot! I can find it and reblog if you would like

Yes please! Thank you!!!

Nov 02 - 5 months ago -

I need y’all’s help!

I’m looking for a HH fanfic. It’s a dark one about cutting and pills, and I think it was called ‘perfect control’ or something like that. Please let me know if you know what I’m talking about!

Oct 31 - 5 months ago - 3 notes

Good news all around!

So much has happened the past few weeks, and while it’s not an excuse for how lacking I’ve been on this blog, I do want to tell you what’s been going on

1. I have a boyfriend! Like, and actual boyfriend. He tells me I’m perfect, and that he could see spending the rest of his life with me. Oh, and he’s the best kisser ever. ;)

2. Me and Brooke finally found an apartment! Our move in date is going to be the 17th of this month! So we only have a week to get everything packed and cleaned up, and i’M SO FREAKING EXCITED! 

3. I’ll finally start my second job on Monday! So I’ll be rolling in cash soon enough! 

4. I think that’s it, but I feel like I needed to add a fourth, so here you go! 

I’ll be back to posting regularly pretty soon, but just bare with me please!

Also, I only need 5 more followers until my next hundred, and that just blows my mind. I love each and every one of you so much! Please, feel free to come talk to me if you need. I’ll listen or give advice, whatever you need! :)

Oct 10 - 6 months ago - 3 notes

Why does he look like a demon from Supernatural? 

Anonymous asked: When are you gunna post On tour part 2?

I’ll try and get it up after work tomorrow!

Oct 06 - 6 months ago -

Will I still be able to keep this url if I move out of Nashville?

Oct 05 - 6 months ago -

9 more followers until my next hundred! 

Oct 04 - 6 months ago - 1 note



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