Found this on twitter don’t know the exact source but HOLY

What a beauty….



Can we just….oh yes. We can just.

oh yes we can just


When you’re trying to hold back tears

Breaks my heart :’(


Can you not???

Note: I didn’t post the original photo because I don’t know if the fan would want to be posted on Tumblr, so here’s the original photo.



Imagine celebrating your anniversary with Hunter

I’m Reblogging again because ha cannot resist and heck it’s about to be my header on here bUT WAIT IS THAT OK WITH YOU THE CREATOR OF THIS BEAUTY I NEED PERMISSION PLEASE SAY YES

Anonymous asked: I sent u the link to the perfect control one shot the minute you posted it. Did u not get it?

Nope! I never got it!

Nov 02 - 11 months ago -
allycat319 asked: I know the perfect control one shot! I can find it and reblog if you would like

Yes please! Thank you!!!

Nov 02 - 11 months ago -

I need y’all’s help!

I’m looking for a HH fanfic. It’s a dark one about cutting and pills, and I think it was called ‘perfect control’ or something like that. Please let me know if you know what I’m talking about!

Oct 31 - 11 months ago - 4 notes
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